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facebook logo-blue twitter logo-blue Discussion about the importance of asset coverage

1. When you're given a direct writer:

Agents who work directly for companies don't put you first - they prioritize their companies.


2. When premiums increase every year:

If you're facing "automatic" policy increases, it might be time to try something new.

10 reasons why you need asset coverage

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3. When your agent doesn't shop for you:

If your agent doesn't help you find the right policy, it's time to find someone who can.


4. When an agent doesn't offer you "risk management":

Hints on reducing risk and managing your policy can make a big difference.

5. When you only hear from your agent at renewal time:

You deserve someone you can be close to, not just someone who wants your money in renewal season.


6. When your agent doesn't return your calls:

You deserve an agent who can work with you on your schedule, not theirs.


7. When there's no "personal" claims service:

When you have a claim, you should be able to talk to a person, not a machine or an automated voice.


8. When you can't get all of your coverage from a single source:

You should be able to cover everything that matters from a single source. When you can't, it's time to reconsider.


9. When you don't have your own agent:

Why work with an anonymous entity on the phone when you can choose someone who knows your situation inside and out?


10. When you're not sure who provides your coverage:

Transparency is important. You should know every detail of your coverage, not just the basics.

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